Willis Built LLC Construction Services

Austin Willis, the owner of Willsbuilt , has been providing quality custom construction services in and around Bend Oregon for over 20 years.  You can trust us as experts in managing your construction project. We work directly with you to create a beautiful finished product that will provide years of enjoyment for you and your family. Architectural services can be provided if needed.

We pride ourselves on the perfect balance between construction, efficiency and achieving the highest quality finished product. We will be intimately involved in your project  from day one. Managing the day to day sequencing of work in a manner that provides great efficiency and productivity.

Our clients trust us to manage their project with the utmost in professionalism and integrity with respect for their vision. Many of our clients are repeat customers who come back time and again. We truly believe in win-win relationships and mutual respect.

With Austin's many years of experience in completing projects both large and small, he is confident that he and his team can meet your needs.  When you hire us, we will be intimately involved in scheduling the day to day tasks on your project in order to achieve the highest level of productivity.